Celeste is an astrologer, certified in Horary astrology from the STA, School of Traditional Astrology, and an author. Celeste lives with her family in NJ and cats Lilly & Lexi.

A physical injury in 2011 left her on crutches for two years. During this time in her meditation, she asked the cosmos why? The message was clear, go to the garden and gather roses. You will make beads. Rose petal beads were part of her healing process, a meditation, a transformation of love, and a connection to the creative. For the collector of her unique art form, Celeste listens as the cosmos guides her when creating a hand-crafted mala.

Her knowledge and experience of astrology and studies of eastern philosophical traditions have allowed her to find clarity in the foundation of our human suffering. She guides her astrology clients in finding their true potential to help with personal and professional goals to cultivate freedom, clarity, and peace within. Celeste does this through live lectures, groups, one-one-one consultations, and her podcast series “The Space Now Celeste Onorati” on Spotify. TO SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION CLICK HERE