"I was nine, my first introduction to Astrology came from my father’s newspaper store. I recall reading an article on Astrology. I felt a connection. Curiosity led me to investigate this topic further.
Six years later, I found my first astrology book by Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey, ASTROLOGY A Cosmic Science."

You will need to supply Celeste with your Birth Day, Month, and Year as well as the city and state or country, plus the EXACT TIME you were born to the minute.

You MUST call Vital Statistics in the state you were born in to find out how to proceed to get your correct birth certificate that shows time of birth.

If you cannot find the exact time of your birth, here are a couple recommendations. Ask your Mom or Dad. If this time cannot be found Celeste will cast a sunrise chart, where your sun sign would also be your rising sign.

BOOKINGS - All sessions must be paid in advance. Celeste has to prepare your birth chart prior to the session and this confirms you on her calendar.

Once payment has been received, Celeste will confirm by email a mutual date and time to schedule your session. 



        Praise for Celeste

“It is a rare and fortunate happening in life to find a co-traveler along the path to personal freedom who embodies true understanding. I have known Celeste since her adolescence at which time her intelligence and insight were already manifest. Her life’s decision to unburden herself from the egoic myth sprang from that insight. In the truest tradition of advaitic transmission of the TRUTH, she has given willingly of herself in direct teaching and in publishing her book, “You are You: Your guide to Freedom from Stress. “Celeste’s understanding has matured into a complete grasp of the mental mechanisms behind the illusion that is our suffering; that of the separate self. She offers you the opportunity to see that there is only the “ONE UNIVERSAL SELF” moving you down the path of understanding which is your best hope for true peace and equanimity. Few can direct that attention to the understanding that thought patterns and concepts falsely taken for the “ME” are at the root cause of our anxieties and pain. Be heartened there are such people as Celeste.”

 ~Joseph Ramieri, M.D.


"Before Celeste did my natal chart for me, I had already had one done, which was interesting enough. Celeste, however, went above and beyond. The insight she have me went well beyond anything I would have expected. Sometimes, you need someone to hold a mirror up to you to help realize your strengths and weaknesses, and to know that you're on the right path, while helping you to know what you're wasting your energy on. I can honestly say that my reading with Celeste Onorati was a life affirming, inspiring experience, that I will treasure and continue to receive guidance from for years to come."

~Tara Storozynsky


"Celeste is a fantastic, highly skilled astrologer. She's the best I've ever had and I've had a lot of readings! Not only does she explain your birth chart in detail, she jumps from past to future seamlessly to give the full context of who are are and what your lifetime is all about. Not only is she an amazing astrologer, but she is psychic! She was saying things out loud that were small thoughts in my subconscious. I couldn't recommend Celeste high enough!"

~Alison Bryce


"I am both an astrology student of Celeste's as well as a loyal client. I highly recommend her readings. She has the unique capability to integrate the complexities of astrology into a clear and concise message that will amaze you. Additionally, her intuition is brilliant and she is able to perceive important details that can guide you making important life decisions and help navigate your journey forward."

~Rachel Goering