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Celeste Onorati

Tourmaline, Rose Quartz with Rose Beads

Tourmaline, Rose Quartz with Rose Beads

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Red, pink and white roses were used to create this 108 rose petal bead mala. with AAA African tourmaline. Measuring 24" in length. Hand knotted.

Tourmaline releases tension, which makes it helpful in spinal adjustments. It balances yin and yang in the body. Tourmaline enhances energy flow, making it a stone for removing blockages.  Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense slow moving energy into lighter vibrational energy. It grounds spiritual energy into the physical plane, This stone clears and balance all the chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body.

Tourmaline for zodiac sign Libra, Scorpio

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is also one of the most popular stones for emotional healing and growth. Wearing it, meditating with it, as well as keeping it near, is believed to open the heart up to all kinds of love: romantic love, love of family, love of friends, and love of self.

Rose quartz for zodiac sign Taurus

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